3 Fun Facts About Our Laundry Delivery Service in Huntington Beach

Laundry delivery service Huntington Beach

Sparklean’s laundry delivery service in Huntington Beach is a multi-faceted business with a tradition of dedication, hard work and uncompromised values— but you might’ve already known that if you use our laundromats or laundry pick-up service!

We offer more than just washing services— our goal is to give the community more leisure time in their everyday life and provide a resource for those burdened by common household tasks. 

Here are three fun facts about Sparklean Laundry:

1. We’re Family Owned and Operated

The reason we put so much emphasis on families— because we are one! Our laundry business is family owned and operated, getting our start by building and selling hundreds of laundromat locations over the years, and, most recently, beginning our residential laundry delivery journey. 

When you use our laundry pick-up service, you’ll immediately notice our friendly demeanor, competitive prices and hard-working nature. Everything we do is for the betterment of our family and our community, and you’ll feel that difference.

2. We Offer More Than Just a Residential Laundry Delivery Service

Sure, offering a laundry delivery service in Huntington Beach (and throughout OC and LA) is our pride and joy, but we’re more than just our favorite service! We have a fluff & fold drop-off service, hoarding laundry cleaning and commercial laundry services. 

Likely more specific to your needs, we have a selection of clean, bright and modern self-service laundromats, with full-time attendants, energy-efficient machines and plenty of amenities to ensure your comfort. Free wifi, in-store atms, TVs, vending machines and free parking are just a few of the conveniences of our facilities.

3. We Are Dedicated to Customer Service

The Sparklean team bases our success on how well we take care of our customers. We know that your business isn’t given, it’s earned— and that’s what we strive to do! Our dedicated staff is bilingual to access a larger portion of the community, and ensure smooth operations and simplified communication. 

Our residential laundry delivery team operates efficiently to make sure pick-ups and deliveries are smooth and contactless. Whether you utilize our laundry pick-up service or our in-person wash locations, you can rest assured that your comfort and time are our number one priority. 

Get started with our laundry delivery service in Huntington Beach.