3 Great Reasons to Use Our Laundry Delivery Service in LA

Laundry delivery service LA

Between the stunning scenery and vibrant nightlife, living in Los Angeles has more to offer than many have the time or opportunity to explore. But what if you could add back hours to your week? That’s what Sparklean’s laundry delivery service in LA hopes to accomplish for residents. 

Here are three great reasons to use our laundry service in LA:

LA Residents Have No Time to Waste 

Let’s face it, everything moves at a faster pace in the City of Angels. We work or attend school and by the time we’re home, the last thing we want to do is waste hours sorting, washing, drying and putting away our laundry, especially if we don’t have a machine in-house. Think about the time it takes to finish even just one wash— you could have that time back to do literally anything else! 

The City is EXPENSIVE 

Stacking up utility costs in this economy? There has to be a better way. With Sparklean’s laundry delivery service in LA, we promise there is! We charge by the pound and offer a discount for weekly services, but you can also choose an on-demand pickup for just cents more. We also provide 10 free hangers with every order and let you customize your wash with the name-brand product of your choice. With our laundry service in LA, you’ll be receiving professional services at minimal cost— all while saving money on utilities and laundry products. 

There’s More to Experience 

At the end of a long workday, we shouldn’t have to be doing four hours of laundry. Have you been to Lighthouse Immersive Los Angeles? The Baldwin Park Scenic Overlook? The Bridge to Nowhere? Okay, so you might have, but our point is— you can spend your time experiencing LA instead of waiting around for each load of laundry! 

Sparklean’s Laundry Delivery Service in LA 

The process is simple: schedule your pickup, leave your dirty clothes on the doorstep and let us do the rest! The very next day, you’ll have fresh laundry that’s ready to be put away. 

Check your zip code to get started with Sparklean’s laundry service in LA.