3 Things to Do in Los Angeles This Fall Instead of Laundry

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The short answer— literally anything! We get it, we’re all about the DIY life too, but our laundry delivery service in LA can free up hours in your day so we wanted to inspire you with a list of fun activities to do in your new-found free time.

Here are five things to do in LA instead of laundry this fall:

1. Cozy Up in an Outdoor Theater

Whether you opt for the Rooftop Cinema Club or the Melrose Rooftop Theater, cozying up and watching spooky or fall-themed classics is a great way to spend your spare time with loved ones. When you take advantage of our laundry delivery service in Los Angeles, the 2-3 hours you might’ve spent on laundry becomes five minutes max— use your free hours to get outside and relax! 

Here’s a list of all the outdoor movies in October and November.

2. Get Ultra Festive

There’s nothing that says autumn like festive activities you likely haven’t had time for in recent years— find a nearby corn maze, pumpkin patch or haunted house to get in the spirit! When you use our laundry delivery service in LA, all you have to do is gather your laundry and leave it on your doorstep, which means the rest of the day is yours to get out there and enjoy the season!

3. Quality Time With Your Family

This might be an obvious one, but sometimes the home can become a dwelling for the mundane, especially when the burdens of everyday chores override your downtime. Surprise your family or friends with a hot cocoa movie night, an autumn-themed craft event or a game night by the fireplace.

Our laundry delivery service in Los Angeles comes right to your home, so you won’t have to worry about leaving the house. Get inspired! Check out some fall family, friend or solo activities.

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