5 Benefits of Using a Laundry Home Delivery Service

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If you have a packed schedule, hate doing laundry or just want one more chore taken off your plate, a laundry home delivery service was made especially for you. Not only can using laundry pickup save you time and money but choosing the right service can get it done better than you.

Here are some more benefits of using an on-demand laundry delivery service:


The time Sparklean’s laundry home delivery service saves you is invaluable. Just schedule your pickup, leave your laundry out, and wait 24 hours to have it returned to you washed and folded according to your preferences. No more shopping for detergents, sorting, washing, drying and then folding your laundry— leave it to us!   

Cost-Effective Laundry Pickup

Sparklean wanted to offer a service that works for you but doesn’t break the bank. We have made all the calculations and priced our laundry home delivery service accordingly so that you get your laundry done at a fair price. If time is money, you’re saving both— and your utility bills will thank you too.

Located Near You

We will collect dirty laundry from whichever location you choose. Our service operates in neighborhoods all around Los Angeles and conveniently begins on your doorstep. Check out our store locations for a better look at our range.

Quality Care

Our reliable, experienced team operates using state-of-the-art facilities and name-brand products to ensure that your laundry is delivered to you in pristine condition. You can customize any aspect of your order to ensure that the care you put into your laundry at home translates exactly to our facility (and then some).

Zero Contact Laundry Service

We guarantee quality service while limiting contact with our customers to an absolute zero. Leave your laundry out on collection day and we will return it after following specific hygiene measures and precautions issued by the government.

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