5 Chores You Can Easily Eliminate From Your Weekly Routine

Laundry delivery service

Laundry is something that must be done, but it’s a chore you can easily get out of by using a laundry delivery service. By using a washing service near you, you can forget about these 5 menial chores:

Shopping for Detergent

We have all forgotten to put detergent on the shopping list, only to come home and remember we need a clean shirt tomorrow and nothing to wash it with. With a laundry delivery service, there’s no need to shop for detergent, or any other laundry necessity for that matter. Sparklean uses top-quality laundry detergents, stain removers and softeners to provide quality care to your clothing.

Washing Laundry

No more sorting colors, reading labels with washing instructions or choosing the right setting. Our laundry delivery service takes care of all of that— we don’t let colors seep or fade or wash materials with the wrong temperature. And, if you’ve got a special item that needs extra attention, just let us know when you order the laundry pickup. We’ll treat it with the utmost care.

Drying Laundry

You might find yourself questioning how to dry a certain item. What if it stretches when it’s hung up or shrinks in the dryer? Our laundry delivery service means you can leave drying up to us, and it’ll come back clean in its intended shape.

Folding Laundry

When doing laundry at home, your items are clean and dry, but the process is still not finished. Now comes sorting and folding— again. Sparklean will do it for you. Just leave your dirty laundry out front and pick it up from the same spot within 24 hours, washed, dried and folded.

Paying Big Bills

We offer not only a finished chore, but money saved. Doing the laundry at home can consume large (and expensive) amounts of water and electricity. With a laundry delivery service, you’re cutting costs and saving energy.  

Our laundry delivery service brings you less stress, free time and undeniable savings. Get started here!