5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Laundry Pickup Service

Laundry pickup

It seems like everyone is using a laundry delivery service these days —here are the top 5 reasons why you should be too:

1) Efficiency

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t enjoy stress-free, reliable, time-saving laundry delivery? We can’t either. Sparklean’s laundry delivery service is easy to use with a quick turnaround time. At the click of a button, you can easily arrange a pickup time that suits your schedule best, we guarantee laundry delivery within 24 hours of pickup.

2) Convenience

Sparklean offers the best laundry pickup service that makes laundry day just that much easier. Don’t worry about finding the time to sort clothes, hang up wet items or running out of detergent and rushing to the store before it closes. When you use our laundry pickup service, your only task is to gather the dirty laundry and leave it outside at the scheduled pickup time.

3) Money Saver

Regularly buying detergent, softener, bleach and stain removers can quickly add up. Installing and running washing machines and tumble dryers at home can consume copious amounts of electricity and water, which can be very expensive. Save money on products and energy by using a laundry pickup service.

4) Professional Care

Our laundry pickup service is run using only the most efficient washing machines and ozone-friendly washing products. All staff involved in the process from delivery to washing to drying and folding are well-trained and experienced. We have hygienic practices and ensure that all your items are handled with care.

5) Special Care

Using our laundry pickup and delivery service means that you can specify any special washing instructions and not have to worry about nasty stains, ruining delicate fabric or items shrinking. We see different kinds of material every day and know exactly what to do to get it back to you in optimal condition. We run a trustworthy laundry delivery service so those unusual or special items are cared for exactly as you would do at home.

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