5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

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Your favorite clothes should last more than just a few washes without looking worn— fortunately, there are ways to ensure freshness and longevity for your items. Here are a few tips from a professional Huntington Beach laundry delivery service:

1. Know Your Machine Settings 

We get it— your first impulse is to press a few buttons and get your laundry done as quickly as possible, but the machine settings are adjustable for a reason. Knowing which settings and temperatures are appropriate for the different items in your wardrobe is essential to maintaining longevity. 

2. Follow Care Instructions

This step is imperative for reducing wear and tear, especially with higher-quality clothing. Following your care instructions can mitigate rips, shrinkage, melting and fading. Just check the tag on your clothes and assort them accordingly (while also accounting for color). 

Pro Tip: Use a professional Huntington Beach laundry delivery service for top-quality care. 

3. Treat Stains Immediately (and Properly!) 

It’s important to treat stains as soon as possible— the longer they sit, the harder they’ll be to remove. Knowing which techniques work best for different blemishes enables efficient stain removal with minimal scrubbing to prevent spot wear.

4. Cut Back on Laundry 

We promise that shirt you wore for dinner a week ago doesn’t need to be washed right away, the same way we guarantee those socks definitely do. While some clothes definitely shouldn’t be re-worn, minimal-use items are a great reason to skip the wash to reduce fading and cut back on utilities. 

5. Use Our Huntington Beach Laundry Delivery Service

Of course, leaving it to the professionals could be your best bet. Sparklean’s laundry delivery service provides top-quality care from experienced professionals, using state-of-the-art machines and the best products on the market. We operate in over 100 zip codes throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. 

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