6 Tips for Sorting Your Laundry Effectively

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The key to efficient and effective laundry care begins with proper sorting. Here are some essential tips from a professional laundry pickup and delivery business:

1. Sort by Color

One of the fundamental principles of laundry sorting is separating clothes based on color. This prevents color bleeding and ensures that your whites stay bright and vibrant. Divide your laundry into three main categories: whites, lights, and darks. Wash white garments separately to maintain their pristine appearance, while lights and darks can be washed together. Sorting by color helps preserve the integrity of your clothes and avoids accidental color transfers.

2. Consider Fabric Type

Different fabrics require specific care to avoid damage or shrinking. Prioritize sorting your laundry by fabric type to ensure the best possible treatment. Separate delicate items such as lingerie, silk and lace from heavier fabrics like denim or towels. Delicate garments often require gentler washing cycles, lower temperatures, or hand washing. Grouping fabrics with similar care requirements helps prevent damage and ensures optimal results for each load.

3. Check for Special Care Instructions

Some garments come with specific care instructions that should be followed diligently. Take a moment to inspect your clothes for any tags or labels indicating special care requirements. Look for symbols or text specifying things like hand washing, dry cleaning or specific temperature settings. Sorting these items separately and following their unique instructions will help maintain their quality and longevity.

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4. Separate Heavily Soiled Items

When dealing with heavily soiled items, it’s best to give them special attention. Separate clothes stained with grease, mud, or other tough stains from the rest of the laundry. Pre-treat these items before washing by applying stain removers or spot treatments. Giving them a little extra care helps ensure the stains are effectively tackled and the rest of your laundry remains clean and fresh.

5. Don’t Forget About Lint and Pet Hair

Lint and pet hair can be pesky nuisances, clinging to clothes during the washing process. To minimize their presence on your freshly cleaned garments, consider sorting out lint-prone items. Items such as towels, blankets or fleece fabrics tend to shed more, so it’s beneficial to wash them separately. Additionally, using dryer sheets or lint rollers can further combat lint and pet hair accumulation.

6. Don’t Sort at All— Use a Laundry Pickup and Delivery Business!

Sorting laundry is a lot to consider, especially when you then have to factor in machine settings, proper products to use and the combined time it takes to complete all of this. Instead of spending the hours needed to meticulously wash your wardrobe, try utilizing a laundry delivery service. 

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