About Us

Welcome to Sparklean Laundry. We are family owned and operated, and proud of our long-standing tradition in the laundry industry dating back to 1973. We started out in the laundry industry and have built and sold hundreds of laundromat locations over the years. There are many owners who feel attendants are not necessary and that self-service laundromat locations are sufficient.

We feel quite the opposite. We staff all of our locations with a friendly team of attendants who are like extended family to us.

We are the true example of a team and are known not only for our customer service but our wide range of laundry services including Self-ServiceFluff and Fold/ Laundry Drop OffCommercial Laundry and Hoarding Laundry Cleaning.

Our laundry locations (1 in Huntington Park and 1 in Bell Gardens) are always clean, well-lit and safe.

Our prices are competitive and our lavanderias are card-system operated (no coin needed) and have free Wi-Fi.

We continue to follow our tradition of dedication and hard work and incorporate these values in our laundry business.

All of our full-service laundromat locations are dedicated to serving you and the members of our communities with a respectful and family-friendly environment.

We are family business run in a corporate world and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Contact us today or call or text 562-210-0027 to learn more about what we can do for you.


Orange County 
Huntington Beach
Long Beach
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