Laundry Service FAQs

Laundry Delivery FAQS

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Pricing couldn’t be easier. Regular weekly customers are charged $1.99 per pound and “by request” customers are charged $1.89 per pound. Plus gas surcharge/per order (may fluctuate due to gas prices).  Large bedding items are priced by the piece.
There are no pickup or delivery fees.
There is a minimum charge of $44 per pickup.
None whatsoever. You can cancel or suspend your account at any time.
We prefer you schedule your pickup by 6:00 am the day of your pickup. This allows enough time for the drivers to plan their routes for the day.
Contact Customer Service by calling or sending a text to 562-210-0027. If our drivers are still in your area, we will make every effort to arrange for a pickup.
You can expect your laundry to be returned the day after we pick it up.
Absolutely. Just log into your account and adjust your notification settings.
We recommend that customers treat the stain prior to putting it in their laundry bag.  The quicker the stain is treated, the better chance of the stain coming out in the laundry process.


Laundromat FAQS

Huntington Park 7:00am – 9:30 last wash M-F Sat and Sun 6:00am to 9:30 last wash.  
We are a card system laundromat. No quarters/coins are needed.
Yes, we have large capacity washers at all of our locations.
Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi to our customers.
We are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
Yes, we have multiple TV’s in all of our locations.


Fluff & Fold/ Laundry Drop Off – Commercial Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service FAQS

No we do not offer dry cleaning anymore.
Yes, there is a $30.00 order minimum for Fluff & Fold and $44.00 order minimum for commercial laundry
Our staff is bi-lingual and speak both English and Spanish.
Yes, all soap products are included.
Yes, we have hypo-allergenic soap. Let our staff know and we will be happy to accommodate your request.


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