Beat the Heat and Save Electricity With Residential Laundry Delivery

residential laundry delivery

We’ve all seen the notifications from our local utility services to conserve as much electricity as possible— California programs are even offering incentive discounts to those who use minimal electricity. Residential laundry delivery is one way to preserve resources and cut costs for residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Here’s how: 

Free Home Pickup and Delivery Service 

Sparklean’s laundry service offers free pickup and delivery to everyone within our service areas— all you pay for is the wash, which is charged per pound. Schedule your pickup, gather your laundry, leave it on your doorstep and we’ll deliver it back the next day washed, folded and ready to be put away. 

With residential laundry delivery, you’ll cut down electricity and water bills while saving the time you would’ve otherwise spent completing multiple loads of laundry.  

Beating the Heat with Sparklean’s Laundry Services

Unless you’re blessed with air conditioning (which many Southern Californians are not), the time and energy it takes to complete even a load of laundry can be excessive in these heat waves— and unfortunately, we’ll likely be experiencing this extreme weather on a more recurring basis. 

Rather than collecting your clothes, washing, drying, folding and then putting them away, Sparklean will complete every step except the first and last— but believe us, if we could, we would. Our home pickup and delivery service was intended to offer residents a convenient and simple way to complete a very tedious chore. 

Getting Started with Residential Laundry Delivery

The process for our laundry service is simple: all you have to do is schedule your pickup, collect your clothes and leave them on your doorstep the morning of your pickup. 

Our laundry professionals use only premium products in our state-of-the-art facilities— you can rest assured that your clothes will be shown professional care and attention. 

Start your laundry home pickup and delivery service today!