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laundry delivery service

Let Us Do Your Laundry.
Buena Park Laundry Delivery Service is Now Available!

We sort, wash, dry, fold & bag your laundry then deliver it back to you the next day. 

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Our staff is well trained in washing lots of loads with careful attention.

We are also able to wash large size comforters and blankets. You can expect to receive a pressed look without ironing which is safer for your fabric and extends their life!

What could be easier?  All you need to do is put it away!

We lighten your load with fresh smiles and friendly service!

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Sparklean Laundry is a family-run business that has been perfecting laundry services and servicing our Buena Park community for over 40 years. We are committed to providing you with clean, fresh and fast home delivery laundry service in the greater Buena Park area. We do not provide laundry delivery service to hotel and motel rooms.

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Same Day Delivery

We’ll pick up your laundry and deliver it to you fresh, clean and folded the very next day!  Simply have your laundry out for us by 8:30 AM and enjoy next day delivery.

Buena Park Service Area

Are you tired of doing loads of laundry?  Sign up for the Sparklean Buena Park Laundry Delivery Service and let us do your laundry! Our Buena Park Laundry Delivery Service is currently available in the following zip codes:

Coming soon to more communities!

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laundry delivery service

laundry home delivery service

home delivery laundry service

State-of-the-Art Facilities

We use premium, name-brand products and our commercial state-of-the-art machines ensure that your residential laundry delivery orders are returned back to your home clean, fresh and ready for use.

Reliable & Experienced Team

Each order is handled with care and customized to your liking: choose your detergents, temperature settings & fabric softener and we’ll do your laundry then fold and wrap it in plastic to seal in freshness.

Convenient Free Pick-up/Delivery

Culver City laundry pickup and delivery services are free of charge and contracts are not required (minimum order is $44.00).  With next day delivery, what could be more convenient or easier? Let us do your laundry, get started today!


laundry drop off service

$1.89 per pound
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$1.99 per pound

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Plus gas surcharge/per order (may fluctuate due to gas prices)

      • Large Items: Prior to weighing, A La Carte Items will be removed and billed on a per piece basis.
      • Minimum Order: The minimum order is $44.00.
      • Hangers: We are happy to hang up to 20 items maximum. 10 FREE hangers are included in every order, each additional hanger is $0.20. We are happy to use hangers that you send in with your order.
      • Soap Options: We offer 1 powder soap option = Gain and one liquid = All Free and Clear.

A La Carte Items

Large Bedding

Comforter (King)     $25.00          Pillow (each)         $8.00
Comforter (Queen)  $25.00          Mattress Pad         $8.00
Comforter (Full)      $20.00
Comforter (Twin)     $20.00


“When my husband and I bought and moved in to our new home, we were surprised to see our new dryer not working. As a busy working mom I do not have time to go to a Laundromat. Sparklean’s residential laundry delivery service came to our rescue and I am so grateful.

Sparklean Laundry picked up our laundry and had it returned to our front door step the very next day. They organized our laundry into separate bags for my husband, my daughter and myself which made it simple to put away. All of our clothes were perfectly folded, smelled wonderful and the fabric felt softer and like new! Their detergent did not irritate my daughter’s sensitive baby skin and my husband’s work shirts were freshly pressed where I didn’t have to iron them.

Their real time alerts reminded me to leave our laundry outside; it also let me know when the laundry was picked up and when it was delivered. Thank you for making what easily could have been a stressful time a breeze. Thank you Sparklean for giving me more time with my family and for handling our clothes with such care. I highly recommend this laundry delivery service to anyone who would like to spend more time with their loved ones and less time folding and sorting laundry.”

-Lindsey I.

“I had THEE best experience with the laundry pick up and delivery service. It was super convenient, time and cost efficient. I had an overwhelming amount of clothes to wash and after the issue with the laundry facilities in my complex I searched for services such as this one. I found Sparklean laundry delivery service and they literally picked my laundry up the next day. They wash, folded and hung my clothes and dropped them off the next day. I am literally NEVER WASHING CLOTHES AGAIN.”

Mila H.

“Sparklean Laundry’s Buena Park Residential Laundry Delivery Service is AMAZING! My dirty laundry was conveniently picked up at my house and delivered the very next day. They took two trash bags full of clothes and brought back two small packages. I don’t know how they do it; I’m convinced they must have laundry fairies! Not only did my clothes come back smelling amazing, it was nicely folded and ready to be put away. Thank you Sparklean Laundry, you made it easy and convenient!”

Claudia B.

Donna and Sparklean Laundry has changed my life! You know they say happy wife, happy life? Well my wife HATES doing laundry. And especially now with 3 little ones all at home on zoom school it makes it that much worse. In comes Donna and her team. They send a text every Sunday night that I reply to, pick our laundry up on Monday and return it on Tuesday. I am amazed at how they seem to find matches to all of our socks, it is the tidiest folding I have ever seen, and they even button the top button on my polos to keep the collar sharp. If you are a busy professional or our of your mind mom or dad trying to navigate this homeschooling zoom mess, or both, you owe it to yourself to use Sparklean’s pick up service.

Jason F.

Our team specializes in Hospitality Commercial Laundry services

Meet Your Sparklean Team

Sparklean Laundry’s success is based on how well we take care of our customers. Our team’s goal each day is to earn your business with each laundry order and to make your experience with us the absolute best. Sparklean’s dedicated staff has years of experience.

When you love what you do it is easy to provide a happy laundry environment for everyone. Staying focused on customer satisfaction has kept us in business for over 40 years. We love our customers and take pride in providing them with quality laundry services.


Let Us Do Your Laundry.
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