Don’t Have an In-Unit Washer or Dryer? We’ve Got You Covered!

Free Pickup Laundry Service

Completing laundry without an in-unit washer or dryer requires an exponential amount of time, effort and money that we’re confident you’re not ready to give up— that’s why Sparklean Laundry offers a free pickup laundry service that makes your weekly loads a breeze.

Here’s how Sparklean’s home pickup and delivery service has you covered: 

The Inconvenience of Off-Site Laundry 

Washing your clothes in a shared facility can be time-consuming and requires effort to transport clothes, detergent and other supplies to and from the location. Laundromats often have limited hours and are busy, which may make it challenging to schedule laundry around work or other commitments. 

Shared facilities are also typically overpriced even for self-service, and there’s always a risk of leaving your clothes unattended in the facility, which means you could spend entire days out of your month waiting for laundry. 

Sparklean’s Home Pickup and Delivery Service 

With Sparklean, all you have to do is schedule your pickup date, gather your clothes and leave them on your doorstep. Our drivers will come to collect your clothes, and then our laundry professionals will sort, wash, dry and fold (or hang) your items, according to your preferences. We’ll drop them off the next day, ready to be put away. 

Our free pickup laundry service will give you back hours in your week, and deliver your clothes fresh, clean and ready for use. No more waiting at a shared facility or transporting your laundry detergents, bleach, etc. We’ve got you covered! 

Getting Started with Our Free Pickup Laundry Service 

Are you ready for fresh, professionally washed clothes at the touch of a button? Sparklean is ready to condense your laundry day from five hours to five minutes! You can learn more here, or schedule your first free pickup today! 

All we need is your zip code to get started.