Hoarding Laundry Cleaning

Hoarding Laundry Cleaning

Don’t get caught with “clutter paralysis”! Sparklean Laundry is the solution for your clutter and/or hoarding laundry dilemmas. Our staff is well trained in handling very large laundry clutter and hoarding orders, and are very comfortable picking up 1,500 lbs of laundry at one time.

We work closely with Closet and Clutter Organizers, Hoarding Specialists, Fiduciaries and Probate Attorneys throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and beyond.

We make it easy!  FREE pickup and delivery. We will pick up your bags of laundry for processing and will let you know when we will return the order.


We pick up your bags of laundry and bring it to one of our laundry locations.


Our staff will then wash, dry, fold and pack your clothes delivering them back to you fresh and clean.

We service a wide range of commercial laundry accounts from Los Angeles to Orange County & beyond, call or text us for details 562-210-0027.



“I run a full-time estate clearing business specializing in working with family members of hoarders, probate and real estate attorneys, fiduciaries, realtors and sometimes the hoarder themselves. We work in often gruesome scenarios that require a service like Donna’s to service our client base. Donna’s company has on several occasions come to the rescue of my clients. Her pick-up and delivery service will pick-up dozens and dozens of bags of dirty (often filthy) clothing, blankets, bedding, etc. from the hoarder’s home and within a few days drop them all off again.


This is an absolutely INVALUABLE service to my company and an excellent referral source for my clients who are beyond appreciative for Donna and her terrific crew. They are professional, friendly and flexible. Trust me, if they can work with the scenarios I toss at them, they can work with anyone!”


Michelle Quintana
Specializing in Full Service Estate Clearing
Your One-Call Solution for Difficult & Sensitive Situations
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