How Residential Laundry Delivery Works

Laundry Delivery Service in Orange County

For most people, residential laundry delivery service is a relatively new concept. Most people either wash their laundry at home or go to their local laundromat, they do know other options exist. That’s why we wrote this article explaining residential laundry delivery and how it works.

Scheduling a Pickup

Scheduling a pickup is easier than ever. You can schedule a laundry pick up online or by calling us at 800-960-1627. All you have to do is select your desired pickup date and leave your laundry on your doorstep on the selected date. Sparklean laundry provides laundry bags for you to use so you don’t have to worry about finding something to put your dirty laundry in. We will pick up your laundry on the desired date and drop it off clean, fluffed and folded within 24 hours.

Washing Preferences

When you schedule residential laundry delivery you have the option to select your cleaning preferences like which detergent to use and what water temperature you would like used to wash your laundry. This ensures your clothing is washed exactly the way you would do it yourself.

No Contracts

Another common misconception about residential laundry delivery is that you have to sign a contract. That is not the case, there are no contracts or commitments when you schedule your laundry pickup. You have the option of signing up for weekly service or you can schedule a one-time laundry pickup and delivery.

Laundry Delivery Cost

The cost of laundry delivery is much more affordable than most people think. The average individual need about 20 pounds of laundry washed at a time. The cost of our laundry delivery service is $1.60 per pound which brings the average cost for one individual to $32. There are no pickup or delivery fees. Add upĀ  the costs of doing your own laundry such as detergent, fabric softener, laundromat fees or the additional power and water used to do your laundry at home. For most people those costs combined will be more than the cost of using a laundry delivery service.

Time is Money

Another thing to factor in is thee value of your time. The average person spends 17 minutes per day doing the laundry according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. That comes out to just under 2 hours per week and 103 hours per year! Using the California minimum wage of $13 per hour that comes out to $1,339 worth of time wasted each year doing laundry.