How to Safely Do Your Laundry During COVID-19

laundry pickup and delivery service

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, washing your clothes properly is vital to your health. With the recent COVID-19 transmission and social distancing guidelines, it’s tough to figure out the right way to drag your clothes, towels, and linens to these spaces and safely wash and dry them. What are the risks involved? How can you be as prepared as possible? And how can you try not to bring the virus back into your home with you if you encounter it while out in the world? Laundry pickup and delivery service is the safest option available.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

Most cities now have a laundry pickup and delivery service which is a complete game changer during the pandemic. Just like any delivery service these days, laundry pickup and delivery companies have no contact delivery so you completely eliminate all forms of contact and you get professionally cleaned towels, linens and clothing!

Practice Social Distancing in Laundromats

If you’re using a shared laundry facility, whether that’s in an apartment building or a laundromat, it’s also important to disinfect handles and other surfaces before you touch the machines so that you don’t pick up any viral microbes that may be present. Still the best possible way to get your laundry done is using a laundry pick up and delivery service to completely eliminate all contact.

Doing the Laundry for Someone with COVID-19

Laundering clothes and linens safely is particularly important if you’re living with someone who has a suspected or confirmed case of the new coronavirus, someone with a compromised immune system, or someone who works in a hospital or another place where there may be exposure to the virus. Using a laundry pick up and delivery service ensures your clothing is professionally cleaned and prevents you from having to touch potentially contaminated clothing. It’s unknown how long the coronavirus can survive on clothes, but researchers think it’s possible for it to remain infectious for hours or even days. Therefore, any clothes that may have been exposed to the coronavirus should be treated as contaminated and kept in a separate laundry bin.