Laundry Home Delivery Service Amongst Covid-19

Laundry home delivery service during the COVID-19 outbreak has been an absolute necessity for many Californians. With landlords being forced to shut down laundry rooms to prevent groups of people gathering and for regular cleaning. Laundromats are essential businesses so we are staying open for business but some people are still not comfortable going to a public place so what are they supposed to do?

The answer is no contact laundry delivery service. Since the pandemic began laundromats throughout the country have seen a huge rise in the use of laundry home delivery service. A lot of people did not even know that laundry home delivery service was an option, and in times like these it’s an absolute game changer. Seniors can get their laundry done without having to go out and families without washers and dryers can get their laundry done without leaving the house.

Using a professional laundry delivery service is one of the most effective ways to make sure your laundry, blankets and towels are properly cleaned and disinfected. We use premium, name-brand products and our commercial state-of-the-art machines ensure that your laundry orders are returned back to your home clean, fresh and ready for use.

Laundry home delivery service also saves you time and in most cases money. Sparklean Laundry Service only charges $1.60 per lb of laundry with a minimum purchase of $30, there’s no pickup or delivery charge and your laundry is picked up and delivered fresh and folded on your doorstep within 24 hours! On average the cost of doing a load of laundry at your traditional laundromat nationwide is $2.00. That means you are saving an average of $.40 per load of laundry by having someone come and pick it up from your doorstep. Not only do you benefit from the savings but there is the health benefit of not having to expose yourself unnecessarily when you have the option of doing your laundry completely contactless!