Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service is Here to Stay

Now that life is slowly getting back to normal and businesses are opening their doors again you might think that laundry pick up and delivery service might not be used quite as often. Here at Sparklean Laundry Services we anticipated the demand for laundry delivery service might slow down a bit as well, but that has not been the case.

Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Service is Convenient

Time is valuable. The less chores you have on a weekly basis free’s up more time and doing the laundry eats up a huge amount of your time. Read our other blog articles that specifically reference the amount of time the average person spends doing the laundry.

Professionally Cleaned Clothing

There is nothing like professionally cleaned clothing. And even better is having that clothing delivered. Regular washers and dryers to a decent job, but there is nothing like and industrial washer and dryer to truly get your clothes as clean as possible. Professional washing machines are just better at getting your whites whiter and your brights brighter.

Environmentally Friendly

Laundry pick up and delivery services also offer washing and drying that is more environmentally friendly than what you could accomplish at home. Industrial machines use less water to get the job done and more clothing can be washed at one time cutting down on the water and electricity used. Industrial high-powered dryers also cut down on drying time using less energy and drying your clothes more efficiently.

Are you looking for a laundry pick up and delivery company in Los Angeles or Orange County? Choose Sparklean Laundry Services! No one offers more laundry services and more ways to serve you than Sparklean Laundry. Our attention to detail and hand finishing on every garment is legendary. At Sparklean, we clean just about anything. Formal wear, casual clothes, bedding, linens and more.