Why No Contact Laundry Delivery Service is Perfect for Anyone With a Underlying Health Condition

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If you don’t have a washer and dryer at home, getting your laundry done without contact seems like an impossible task. Most people are not even aware that no contact laundry delivery service even exists. No contact laundry delivery is the perfect option for anyone with an underlying health issue.

Millions of American have underlying health issues making them very vulnerable if they were to contract COVID-19. That means they need to stay at home and eliminate contact with others as much as possible. Going to a laundromat is simply not an option for them due to the amount of contact they have with other people. For individuals who are part of this more vulnerable population and want to minimize their outside contact, mo contact laundry delivery service may be the best option.

We’ve Been at This No Contact Laundry Delivery Service for a While Now!

Sparklean Laundry Services has been running laundry delivery service routes to hundreds of zip codes in Orange and Los Angeles counties for years now. We’ve also always held the absolute highest sanitation standards and made our laundry delivery service as convenient for our customers as possible. Because of this, we already had no contact laundry delivery service in place prior to the pandemic.

The laundry pickup process is simple. Leave your laundry out for our driver to pick up in one of our Sparklean Laundry bags at the scheduled pick up time. We will pick it up, professionally wash your laundry and deliver it fresh and folded to your doorstep within 24 hours. It’s the easiest way to get your laundry done with the least amount of contact.

If you know someone or are part of the community with an underlying health risk that does not have a washer or dryer at home let them know that laundry delivery service is a viable option in most major cities.