How to Save Time and Money on Laundry Day!

laundry service

It is laundry day and you are dreading it. You look at the laundry basket and it is overflowing with clothes. Don’t fret! Our little laundry tip will help you save time and money on laundry day. We advise purchasing 3 separate laundry hampers.

  • 1 for whites
  • 1 for darks
  • 1 for colors

Sort as you go! This will make laundry day less painful and much more organized. When we ask our customers what the worst part of doing laundry is for them, the consensus is sorting! Make laundry easier and more efficient for yourself with laundry hampers.

Keep a bottle of your favorite laundry stain removal next to your laundry baskets. Our favorite brand is Soil Love. Treat those stains as you go, the quicker you treat them the more likely they are to come out in the wash.

By changing up your process, you may be surprised at how your outlook might change when laundry day approaches. Once you have already pre-treated and sorted, toss it in the laundry and you are ready to go!