Simple Laundry Hacks to Save Money

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Between inflation and California’s cost of living, many of us are searching for ways to save any money we can in our daily lives— that’s why we’re going to provide you with some laundry hacks to cut costs (spoiler: a laundry home pickup and delivery service can actually be a convenient way to save!)

Here are four laundry hacks to make the most out of your money: 

Wash Full Loads (But Not Overfilled!) 

Most laundry machines will utilize the same amount of energy for every load, so it’s best to wash full loads to cut costs. Wait until you have the perfect load size— no more, and no less. While you do want to save energy, you’ll also want to make sure your clothes are being optimally cleaned and dried. 

Too few clothes use up more energy per item and too many clothes will take longer to dry. If you feel that your machine is too full, try air-drying some items to ensure the right load size. 

Use Cold Water 

Using cold water can cut energy expenses by more than half, as it doesn’t require as much energy to heat up the water. You can find cold water detergents to ensure your items are washed to standard— check out this article for the ultimate guide to cold water laundry. 

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Cut Back on Products 

Of course, much of the cost of completing laundry comes from the different detergents, stain removers and dryer products you use. You don’t have to sacrifice the cleanliness, softness or freshness of your items— just make sure you’re reducing, reusing and recycling! 

Make sure you’re filling detergents, bleaches and other products only to the fill line in your washing machine. You can use less if you run a smaller load. We also recommend that you invest in reusable dryer balls. They’ll help separate clothing to increase airflow, reduce static and absorb moisture— all of which leads to reduced drying time! 

Use a Laundry Home Pickup and Delivery Service 

Sparklean’s residential laundry service provides professional washes with top-quality products and next-day delivery. Just leave your clothes on your doorstep and let us do the rest! We’ll wash, dry, fold and hang your clothes, so all you have to do is put them away (and revel in their freshness!) 

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