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“Sparklean has been the lifesaver I never knew I needed until one day I was in such a bind. As a Chef at a renowned hotel in Huntington Beach, I work long strenuous hours with a very busy schedule. The summer was here and I had family coming in from out of state. I searched for a laundry services company and found Sparklean Laundry. Their Google and Yelp reviews were amazing. I loved the idea of a Family Run Business and the reviews about their team were incredible. Still being a bit skeptical, I checked out their web site. Now this gave them even more credibility. I needed the help and scheduled a pick up. WOW is all I can say. They are everything that they claim to be and more. There is a reason why they have so many glowing reviews. Since that day, I have not done any laundry since. As a matter of fact, I estimated the time and cost of doing my own laundry. Sparklean is by far a better use of my time and certainly a more cost-efficient option. I have referred them to several companies who need laundry services and they too have been impressed. Thank you Sparklean. You certainly know how to treat people and your customer service is in fact, amazing.”
Yvonne – Occupation, Chef

“I didn’t know it was possible to get excited about laundry until I found this place! Seriously, don’t laugh. My family and I had a recent mold issue at our apartment that required us to literally wash ALL of our clothing, bedding, etc. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big order, so I did some shopping around. I was referred here by a friend and am so pleased! The Sparklean staff were extremely helpful, professional and accommodating. We used their “Fluff and Fold” service and it was on point! Drop off and pick-up was super easy. They folded everything super nice and neat. In all, it was a great experience and I will definitely be using their “Fluff and Fold” service again!”
Ben O. – A Very Happy Customer

“The fluff and fold service was unbelievable!! I used this service several times and I was 100% satisfied with my clothes. One of the few things I truly enjoyed was the detail in which they fold all my clothes, even my socks!! Also, the turn-around time was faster than any other similar service I have used in the past. I high recommend the fluff and fold for anybody that is looking to have a great customer service and product delivery!

To top it off the smell of my clothes was delicious!!”
Rosario Rios A.

“Today the dryer at my house went on the fritz so I started looking on yelp for a fluff and fold place and Sparklean popped up. I came into Sparklean around 1:30 pm and was completely out of my element. One of their employee’s, Carlos quickly approached me and asked if I needed help. He helped me set my card up and get the washer running. I was very surprised at the level of customer service this place had. Thanks Sparklean.”
Evan M.

“The fluff and fold service is absolutely wonderful at Sparklean. Whether it’s my heavy duty workout clothes or my delicates they always come back clean and taken care of! I love the way they are folded and it is so easy with the pickup and delivery!”
Alicia D.

“This is what a laundry place should be. The place was really clean! The employee was cleaning where the detergent goes on the machine when we were there. They seem to go to great pains to take care of the little details that make you think that this is more than a local laundry place. It turns out they have multiple locations and I’m glad because they know what they are doing.”
Luis M.

“Hola, desde que me invitaron a lavar aqui no lo eh dejado, el lugar siempre se encuentra muy limpio, la gente esta atenta a las necesidades de el cliente, cualquier problema enseguida buscan la solucion, el personal que labora aqui tiene lo que es llamado ATENCION AL CLIENTE, aparte que los fines de semana nos consienten con un rico cafecito, eh tenido que viajar pero siempre busco una lavanderia igual y no han podido mejorar el srevicio, la locación y la disponibilidad del personal, MIS FELICITACIONES”
Susana L.

“I think the late evening employee’s name is Albert, he is a very, very cool guy! Sparklean should give him a raise. He’s always very helpful, my BF and I normally go there late evenings and Albert keeps the place very clean. Haven’t used their fluff and fold service which they do offer, but I’m very tempted to do so. Plenty of parking too.”
Lupe P.

“This is the third time coming in and I always find this place clean and spacious. This night I met employee Albert. His customer service skills are top notch.

He gave me his undivided attention, a semi tour of the facility and answered all my questions. The staff washed, dried and folded my clothes, saving me time. Time is something we can never get back, and I can apply my time on other business matters knowing my laundry is being handle by professionals like Albert.

Sparklean charges $1.15 per lbs. for their fluff and fold service, which I’ll start taking advantage of since I hate waiting around. Seems I can drop off early morning and have my dirty clothes “sparklean” clean by evening.”
Cesar, South Gate Pack N Ship

“Sparklean laundry has been an absolute gift to my family.  I am a single mother of two, as well as a business owner, and there never seems to be enough time as the laundry continues to pile up.  I drop off my loads of dirty laundry to Sparklean and then they are returned in a bag half the size as I brought them.

Not only does the laundry smell fantastic, but it is compressed, organized, folded perfectly and ready to go back into the drawers without any organizing or hassle.  It is an absolute pleasure to work with The Sparklean Team.  They are always kind, prompt and ready to help.  Sparklean prices are also exceptionally reasonable.  I can’t imagine doing my own laundry ever again.  Give Sparklean Laundry a try.  You will be glad you did.”
Kelly D.

“I’ve been to a few different laundromats over the yrs I like Sparklean cause it clean the staff is helpful and friendly Lucy has helped me a couple of times with questions or concerns I feel at home there …p.s she’s always busy cleaning and attending the machines great job.”
Manny Z.