The Benefits of Having Laundry Delivery Service in Orange County

Laundry Delivery Service in Orange County

Whether you are single and live by yourself or you have a large family, laundry delivery service in Orange is a complete game changer. The fact is everyone can benefit from the time and cost savings of using a laundry home delivery service.

How Single People Benefit From Using Laundry Home Delivery Service

Most single people are on the go the majority of time and have to set aside a specific time of their day to do the laundry. This is usually done on a weekend and takes away from the little free time they have available. It’s much easier to just set out your laundry and have it delivered fresh and folded thee very next day. With free pickup and delivery and the cost being only $1.60 per pound, you actually save money if you do the math even for only one person. The cost of buying detergent, fabric softener and the extra utility costs for power and water add up to more than you would think. There is also the value of you time to take into account.

How Couples Are Using Laundry Delivery Service

Couples that live together just like singles usually live a fairly on-the-go lifestyle and the last thing they want to spend their free time doing is laundry. Valuable free time is much better spent together doing the things you enjoy rather than doing household chores. Two people also means twice the amount of laundry. Although the cost savings aren’t as drastic for a couples, they also actually save money by using a laundry delivery service in Orange County.

Laundry Delivery is a Life Saver for Family’s

If you are the mom or dad that handles the laundry for your family than you know how much time it consumes and how large of a chore doing the laundry for an entire family can be. Doing the laundry can literally take up the majority of your day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average mom spends 2 hours a week doing laundry. That’s a lot of time that could be spent doing other activities you actually enjoy.

If you are tired of doing laundry and are looking to get a portion of your life back contact Sparklean Laundry Services. We offer laundry delivery service in Orange County with free pickup and delivery plus a 24 hour turnaround time!