The Benefits of Using Laundry Delivery in Long Beach

Laundry Delivery in Long Beach

Life in Long Beach is fast-paced and meant to be enjoyed, but that can be difficult when menial daily tasks deplete your time and resources. Taking advantage of laundry delivery in Long Beach can help restore both— here’s how:

How a Residential Laundry Delivery Service Works

The process is simple: just schedule your one-time or weekly service, gather your laundry and leave it on your doorstep. The pickup crew will grab your clothes at the selected time and take them to our state-of-the-art facilities where they’ll be sorted, washed, dried and folded or hung according to your preferences.

The next day, you’ll have fresh, clean laundry back on your doorstep. Using a laundry delivery service is quick, simple and requires no contact— you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Preserve Your Resources with a Long Beach Laundry Delivery Service

Think about how much laundry you personally do in a week. Now multiply that over the course of a month or year and it can add up quickly. Handing off this time-consuming chore to experienced professionals will not only restore hours of leisure time, it will also save you money on utility bills and laundry supplies— detergent, dryer sheets, bleach etc.

Laundry delivery might feel like a luxury, but we price our services with all of our customers in mind. Pickup and delivery is free, and the rest of the order is priced moderately by the pound.

The Best Laundry Delivery Company in Long Beach

Sparklean Laundry is a family-run business, so we understand the importance of freeing up your time and resources to spend with your loved ones— and we want to help. 

We offer clean, state-of-the-art facilities and your choice of name-brand products to ensure that your items are returned fresh, clean and ready for use. Our reliable and experienced team will handle all your clothes with care from start to finish.  

Just give us your zip code to sign up for laundry delivery in Long Beach!