What Does a Free Pickup Laundry Service Mean for You?

free pickup laundry service

Between work, daily to-do’s and attempting to maintain an active social or family life, finding time and energy for laundry can be an imposing task. Luckily, there are ways to save hours of your month that you’ve previously dedicated to washing clothes.

Sparklean offers a free pickup laundry service for residents throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. What could our residential laundry service mean for you? 

Checking Another Item Off Your To-Do List 

Whether it’s work, school, at-home tasks or all of the above, we all know that satisfying feeling of crossing an item off your to-do list— it’s even better when you have none of the work and all of the results. 

Our residential laundry delivery service offers residents the rare opportunity to complete this time-consuming chore with almost no work involved.

Just schedule your pickup time, gather all your dirty clothes, put them in a bag and leave them on your doorstep. We’ll sort, wash, dry, fold and bag your laundry and leave it at your door the very next day. 

Leaving Your Laundry to the Experts 

Let’s face it, most people aren’t laundry experts. Between choosing the detergent, softeners, stain removers, bleaches and other products and then sorting your clothes properly and choosing your settings, it’s impossible to know exactly what your items need to maintain proper care. 

Our team of laundry experts is experienced and reliable, handling each order with customized care. Coupled with our premium, name-brand products of choice and state-of-the-art machines, our residential laundry delivery service assures that you’re clothes are returned to you in prime condition. 

Preserving Your Resources

Our convenient and free pickup laundry service means that you have more time, money and energy to focus on things that supplement your life rather than expending your resources.

You could be doing anything else with the eight hours or more a month you save just by passing your laundry off to Sparklean. You’ll also see a notable change in your water and electricity bills, all without spending a cent more for pickup or delivery.

Getting Started with Our Free Pickup Laundry Service 

The benefits are unmatched— all you have to do is sign up, schedule your pickup, leave your clothes out, and the rest is up to us!