Why Are You Still Doing Laundry When There’s a Residential Laundry Delivery Service Near You?

residential laundry delivery

With residential laundry delivery, you can save time and money doing laundry with the touch of a button and minimal preparation. Whether you feel like there are not enough hours in the day or just want high-quality washing, a residential laundry delivery service is a great solution.

Here are some benefits you can experience using Sparklean’s services:


Pick a time that suits you best, and we’ll pick up your dirty laundry and return it to you like new within 24 hours. That means no sorting, prepping, washing, drying or folding— we’ll do it all for you. Sparklean’s laundry pickup is available whenever you need it.

No Commitments

Our laundry service is as easy it gets. If you need help with the laundry just once or regularly, our residential laundry delivery is always an option. You can schedule our laundry pickup when it fits your needs, and don’t have to feel obliged to use the service again.

Minimal Effort

It doesn’t require more effort than lifting a finger to use our residential laundry delivery service. Check your calendar, set a reminder and leave your dirty laundry out on collection day. Let us take care of the rest. Sparklean handles your laundry with professionalism from pickup to drop off, all the while using the best products, machinery and team to wash, dry, and fold your laundry.

Professional Care

We provide state-of-the-art facilities, using premium, name-brand products to ensure that your laundry comes returns like new. Our experienced team of professionals handles your laundry with great care— you can even choose your own detergents, temperature settings and fabric softener.

Get Started Today

Don’t worry about missing services if you don’t live in the city, our service areas cover neighborhoods throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties, along with surrounding communities.

Start our easy-to-use residential laundry delivery service today!