Why Laundry Delivery Service is a Family’s Best Friend

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Every family knows that laundry day can be a monumental task. Laundry usually has to be done every week, and with a house full of kids that’s a lot of laundry. Using a laundry delivery service near you is a new concept to most people. Having your laundry picked up and delivered fresh and folded the very next day seems like something that only the super wealthy can afford.

Laundry Delivery Service Saves You Money

Laundry delivery is roughly the same cost as doing your laundry at home. When you add up the cost of electricity, detergent, water it adds up to more than $1.70 per pound. Then factor in the value of your time and it’s clear that using a laundry delivery service near you is the best option when it comes to getting your laundry done.

Spend More Time with Your Family

The fast pace of modern day family life can make it easy to forget that simply just spending time with our children is really important. Our time is one of the greatest things we can give them. We all cherish time spent with the family. Laundry is a chore that takes up some of that precious time. Why not take this time back and save some money at the same time by using a laundry pickup and delivery service?

Professionally Cleaned Clothing

Another benefit of using a laundry service is having your clothing professionally cleaned. Thats means you don’t have to worry about those stubborn stains on your children’s clothes anymore! It also means you can rest assured that you clothing has been professionally cleaned and sanitized. Regular residential washers and dryers do a decent job of cleaning your clothes but they are nothing compared to an industrial washer and dryer.


Doing the laundry is a chore every family has to do and usually one family member has to carve out a portion of their week in order to get the laundry done. By using a laundry delivery company you only have to make a phone call to schedule a pickup then leave your laundry out on the pickup date.

No More Folding

Last but not least is folding. The worst part of doing laundry for an entire family is folding mountains of laundry. Using a laundry delivery service near you prevents you from the tedious task of folding laundry for hours. All you have to do is put the fresh, folded laundry away!