Why Residential Laundry Delivery is Gaining Popularity in Your Neighborhood

residential laundry delivery

If you’ve ever typed “laundry pickup and delivery service near me” into your search bar, you’ve already taken the first step into saving hours per week doing unnecessary chores. Using a residential laundry delivery service is a great way to cut multiple steps off your to-do list while saving time, energy and money.

Here’s why Sparklean’s laundry pickup and delivery service is gaining popularity:

Competitive Prices 

Time is a luxury we all could use more of, but sometimes can’t afford—we took that into consideration when pricing our services! Our residential laundry delivery boasts extremely competitive prices, with minimal cost for maximum service. Pickup and delivery are free, you just pay for the laundry service. You’ll also see a notable drop in your next water and energy bill! You can find our pricing here.

Saves You Time

Speaking of time— letting us do your laundry will save you plenty of it! The hours you spend sorting, washing, drying folding and hanging your laundry adds up more than you probably realize. Instead, throw your laundry in a bag, leave it on your doorstep and let us do the rest! 

Quality Service by Skilled Professionals

Not only do we use name-brand products (of your choice), but our trained professionals are ready to take quality care of even your most delicate items, as long as the tag indicates they can be laundered.

We have the experience, machinery and products to provide you with a high-quality laundry service. 

Sparklean’s Residential Laundry Delivery Service

Now that you know the benefits of using a residential laundry delivery service, it’s no wonder this method is gaining popularity in your neighborhood. Sparklean offers our residential laundry delivery throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

Not sure if you’re in our service area? Give us your zip code and we’ll find out!