Why You Need a Laundry Service for the Holidays

Laundry Service

The holidays are meant for family, fun and food, not stressing about the cleanup process after your inlaws leave. Fortunately, Sparklean’s laundry service lets you complete your laundry in five minutes or less.

Here’s why you need our laundry pickup and delivery business for the holidays:

The Holidays Shouldn’t Be Stressful 

Forget everything you know about the holidays, they shouldn’t be draining! Between cooking, cleaning, prepping for family and everything in between, December can become overwhelming for many. The last thing you want to add to your list is laundry— that’s where Sparklean comes in. 

Sparklean Can Help! 

Instead of doing the excessive loads of laundry accumulated from guests and everyday wear, let Sparklean wash your clothes for you! All you have to do is schedule a pickup date, gather all your laundry and leave it on your doorstep. We’ll sort, wash, dry, fold and hang your clothes and then deliver them back to you the next day. 

A Laundry Delivery Service in Los Angeles 

Our residential laundry service is available in over 100 zip codes throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties— you can check your zip code to make sure you’re within our service area. We primarily price our items by the pound and include 10 free hangers with every order. Pickup and delivery are free, you only pay for the wash! 

Getting Started with Our Laundry Service 

Our family-run home pickup and delivery service is perfect for the holidays. No matter how many guests you’re accommodating or gravy stains end up on your family’s attire, our state-of-the-art machines and top-quality services will deliver your attire back clean, fresh and ready to be put away. 

Check hours of tiresome chores off your to-do list with our laundry delivery services in Los Angeles and Orange County. Schedule your free pickup today!